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All right it's Adam againhe's meeting every single one of hiswhite is so blinding out of minds ofshaming waiver if you can't tell by themaps of beer not in his face is you atwork yes very I was out word yeah lastnight I'll be missedhe has immense but you're going on forat least in the military because we'renot allowed to have facial hair as youcan see I don't have a beer right nowwell you guys saw me on my vacationvideos I had a massive beer because I'mallowed to grow it up and leave notwhile I'm serving if you're in the AirForce and you get razor bumps alsocalled what is it calledI don't know anyway this is gonnapseudofolliculitis barbae Sudan whateverso basically if you get razor bumpsyou're of african-american descentusually I mean Egyptian and Moroccans inAfrica I'm in America you get a shavewaiver if you get razor bumps but youcan't shape it up like this I did itlike this because it's the weekend so Ican't go into work looking like thisso probably Monday I'll shave it withthe Clippers like a number one Clippersthat's by the closest I get you wantshame where yeah you never ever know youget one not be into fencif you have register box boys everycancer for you yeah I didn't go I thinkI want to be you have one in tech schoolyeah that was you got it in tech schoolyou have one here right now yeah youknow you're gonna you had to get one inTexas on you when you got here yet againdoing yeah that text will last like ninemonthssorry I'm so raspy I'm allergic to thesecats text boy I think it lasts like ninemonths cuz they know you'd have to renewit anyway they don't want to see youevery three months this basis every 90days so I can't exceed a quarter of aninch of hair every 90 days yeah I don'tknow that's and every leg sucksthey like that always have to have it onyou asks you in uniformdo you have a shaping waiver because youhave a beard yeah you have to presentthat to them so it's like required ifyou have a shipment label you have tocarry it on you at all timesstubble growth card is I'm not the mostlike awkward thing to call it like whyalso known as a shape layertrim facial hair no longer than 1/16inch of stubble andforth of hair I use Clippers some peopleuse a what's the electric razor calledit's a called electric razor yeah but alot of people ask me about the shaverit's almost annoying that you have thatyou have one because everyone will haveto do I literally walked in this houseand you asked me if I play withwe weren't even a beautiful I wasbecause it's not common to see someonelike a Friday evening already have liketheir beard grown like that's me I'mlike a four-day weekend I do look freshstart and he has that as soon as likework is over on Fridaythat's why...